Designer @[AY]A studio

I have come to Paris to undertake an internship with [AY]A studio

The studio focuses on cutting edge research and material experimentation, across scales, engages with multidisciplinary fields from fashion design, architecture to landscape urbanism. I have been extremely interested in this overlap between Architecture and Fashion and how the two fields can be integrated. I will be developing my thoughts about this relationship throughout the next few weeks. 


The studio is currently working on a Fashion collection. Created and developed using technical digital software programmes, 3d printing and laser cutting give the work a new dimimention. 

One of the projects I was working on was a pair of shoes. For importance of .. in the office see photos published on the studio’s website

jorge ayala shoe design jagged 1_860

jorge ayala shoe design jagged 2_860jorge ayala shoe design jagged 3_860jorge ayala shoe design jagged 5_860jorge ayala shoe design jagged 6_860jorge ayala shoe design jagged 7_860jorge ayala shoe design jagged 12_860jaggedness shoe design jorge ayala studio laser cut 47_860jaggedness shoe design jorge ayala studio laser cut 61_860ayarchitecture shoe design experimental 2_860