1st Digital fashion conference


I have been interested in the Fashion Digital Studio @ London College of Fashion since I got a place on the Masters course in 2011. I think the studio is highly interesting in its forward thinking about fashion, in terms of digital. Coming from an Architectural field which has completely reinvented it’s very way of producing, I think the fashion is behind and only now standing to realise the importance and potential of these digital technologies. (Alexander McQueen perhaps began increased popularity of digital printing, which is now becoming a style identity in itself, seen in the work of Mary Katrantzou; and Iris Van Herpen who is still at the forefront of 3D printing).

The conference was highly informative about the current state of fashion, SLOW and FAST fashion and forecasting its future. I cannot possibly write about everything I learned but the 3 main words at the conference were:




Having studied the relationship with Architecture and fashion since being a student the outcome of this was finally moving away for the theoretical side and into practice. In the past I have always looked at the similarities between the two fields often the difference being the scale. (materiality, shells, skins, structure, geometry) (see my initial similarities visual page LINK). Existing studies: parallel practises. Looking at my recent involvement of the Karen Millen project where unintentionally fashion techniques ‘smocking’ was reflected on a large-scale, to create a structural piece. The conference helped to get over the fascinations with the similarities (because of course there are so many) and think specifically how the two are crossing over in terms of  production and manufacture (digital softwares and 3D printings) and how we can take this forward.


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