Fashion & Technology series Dezeen

This week Editor and good friend Dan Howarth has released a series entitled Fashion and Technology, a idea thread that I have been following for some time.  It features interviews with pioneers in this field such as Francis Bitonti and Julia Koerner of whom was teaching at my Building fashion course.

The collection by Noa Raviv is inspiring, it has integrated 3D-printed elements into ruffled garments influenced by distorted digital drawings.

Hard-Copy-fashion-collection-by-Noa-Raviv_dezeen_2 Hard-Copy-fashion-collection-by-Noa-Raviv_dezeen_1 Hard-Copy-by-Noa-Raviv_dezeen_468_4b Hard-Copy-by-Noa-Raviv_dezeen_468_2b Hard_Copy_by_Noa_Raviv_dezeen_468_1 Hard_Copy_by_Noa_Raviv_dezeen_468_6 Hard_Copy_by_Noa_Raviv_dezeen_468c_6