[SYNERGY] Architecture + Fashion

As part of a long running relationship with Fashion and Architecture, which began whilst I was at CSM and grew throughout my Architectural education and beyond; motivating me to spend time in various Fashion Houses and drove me to improve my ability to create my own garments; I got inspiration for a project- my first capsule collection which would embody these ideas.

Architecture as a subject, especially studying, is about communicating ideas, which is primarily done by drawing. At University more so than in practise, a lot of time is invested in these drawings, which become pieces of Art in their own right.

Whilst looking around Westminster University’s (my school at the time) end of year show, I came across one particular drawing, which I thought would make a beautiful textile print. With this implanted, I came across more and more drawings that I thought were beautiful and could come to life as a garment.

From this I developed my own project, which would bring these students work to life in a different medium, showcasing them to the public in a different way they can appreciate.

This project is called ‘Synergy’ it is a capsule collection showcasing Architecture and Fashion.


The images show the development of the prints:

FullSizeRenderA sample compared to the final print