FRAME magazine features [Synergy] Exhibition

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‘Megan Sadler’s Synergy collection combines architectural drawings and fashion’

”The Synergy capsule collection by Megan Sadler embodies a meeting between the two disciplines of architecture and fashion.

The multidisciplinary designer presented the collection during an exhibition at Camden Image Gallery in London, discussing the relationship between architecture and the body. Structured garments on display are showcased on mannequins located alongside her own original drawings, mirroring the designer’s choice to shift into a textile medium while still aiming to express architectural, spatial research. For Sadler, fashion represents another vehicle to open to the public, integrating drafting with textiles in order to make it more accessible through a tactile approach. Clothes are made with thick neoprene, digitally printed and constructed as a wetsuit.

Sadler is not the first to explore the boundaries of creative fields. In his famous architectural treatise Trattato di Architettura, Italian painter and sculptor Francesco di Giorgio Martini included a drawing of a man wearing pieces of architecture, his personal way to portray man at the centre of the space, according to fifteenth-century humanist philosophy. Being similarly motivated by this way of communication through the body, Sadler succeeds in bringing this Renaissance concept into a contemporary context. ”

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