Designs for [Ay]A Studio

Over the summer of 2012 I worked a [Ay]A Studio in Paris, to help on their latest exciting projects.

The studio focuses on cutting edge research and material experimentation, across scales, engaging with multidisciplinary fields from fashion design, architecture to landscape urbanism.

Over the weeks that I was designing for [Ay]A Studio I was involved in many exciting projects on a multitude of different scales, one of which was a fashion collection (Genesis f/w 13-14) which included fashion accessories, created and developed using digital software programmes, 3d printing and laser cutting, giving the work a new-dimension.

The images below give a brief insight into some of the work I was involved in. The images show shoe design development from digital design to material testing which became a continuous loop of design development.

Other photos are published on the [Ay]A studio’s website. Credits:



jorge ayala shoe design jagged 2_860jorge ayala shoe design jagged 3_860jorge ayala shoe design jagged 12_860

Digital design:shoes2

Digital to physical:jaggedness shoe design jorge ayala studio laser cut 4_860

Materiality testing:

jaggedness shoe design jorge ayala studio laser cut 47_860

See the design process documented: