Retail Design: Stephen Webster projects


Whilst at Guy Hollaway Architects I completed a new Exhibition stand for Stephen Webster.

The exhibition space for the world-renown Basel World Jewelry world fair, which ran from 25th April- 3rd of May 2013.The exhibition space was a new modern space for Stephen Webster moving forward from the more typical Gothic Stephen Webster spaces.  The new space embodied the latest collection ‘Fly by night’, which was unveiled at the event. Large curved glowing perspex wall wrapped around the space providing a threshold between the more public and private meeting areas. The brooding walls were dressed onsite by myself and  artist Naomi Eaton-Baudains to create a woodland-like theme with barbed wire led lighting and dark suspended butterflies.




Following the success of the Basel exhibition stand we are asked to design a shop in shop for a new store in Azerbaijan. The project follows this new lighter, cleaner look for Stephen Webster and is due on site from September 2013 .



Stephen Webster is re-locating on a larger space in Harrods, we did a proposal for this new space. Unfortunately Harrods decided to keep the hall very uniform to changing to using the own architect, so our design was not developed passed concept.

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