Physical manifestation of ASOS

For my  Second Diploma year 1 project, following the ‘Burning Man’ project, we asked to built on what we had developed and look at creating urban or rural interventions within individually chosen sites. The brief asked us to begin by studying at large internet businesses and how the internet as changed our society and if it is changing our Architecture.

I chose to focus on the fashion industry, in particular the online fashion industry, sales have been growing exponentially with the ever increasing dependance on the internet and social media. This behavior has consequences on the nature of retail and has serious detrimental concequences on the high street,

I have taken the UK’s online fashion retail giant ASOS ‘as seen on screen’, the third most visited fashion website on the planet as business model for this project. In initial research the lack of physical presence ASOS has on the high street became apparent. Initial proposals began by developing a new App to begin to address these problems- a way to locate these vacant stores so that these derelict spaces can be used for ‘pop-up’ temporary shops.

The physical proposal aims to create a physical manifestation of ASOS, which addresses this problem of detracting from the high street, proposing a unique retail experience, which engages with the public by stepping out of cyber space and giving back to the high street. The fashion hub aims to create an exciting public experince, fusing both current physical and digital fashion becoming an interactive gallery and unique retail experience.

// Unique experience
The proposal manifests the virtual by displaying physical current collections from ASOS and provides the opportunity for body scanning. The body scan is then saved on a USB and can be plugged in to the screens around the building-next to current collections so that the current collection can be tried on without taking your clothes off.


wide shot asos

Tensile Architecture. Cut-away perspective showing external-internal relationship:

Cut-away Render

Intervention. External Approach:

EXTERNAL_STREET_VIEWMetadiagram showing build-up of facade (environmental & structural properties):


Tensile facade detail 2


Internal spaces:MAIN SPACE 11_05interactive spaceSHORT_SECTION2