Pinch me am I dreaming? Proposal for Burning Man festival

The title of my proposal for the Burning Man festival, ‘pinch me, am I dreaming?’ is a play on words. The festival is know for its ‘trippy’ nature, self induced or brought on by the heat and lack of water in Desert conditions. The use of the proposal is a chill out zone, a resting space or dream tent. The structure is made of a system of pinch points, hence ‘pinch me’. It also refers to the system, which almost unbelievably seems to effortlessly float across the Nevada, held by the tension system.


internal new mapping3

night image-lowres

page39Below is a pictorial timeline of how my Burning Man project has progressed and developed through physical modelling. It began with a regular grid which has developed to be able to control the parameters (such as column length and fabric tension) to create an arched structure. The form proposed for the Burning Man Festival is a double Arched system, which works with the axis of the Playa.

little-book-fo-models_final_12 little-book-fo-models_final_13 little-book-fo-models_final_14 little-book-fo-models_final_15 little-book-fo-models_final_18 little-book-fo-models_final_113

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